lots of beautiful beads to choose from to make your bracelet

Beading Party for Girls aged 5-7 

Little Jewels Party is recommended for younger girls as no tool are required to complete the projects.

For this age group we use elastic cord and larger, easy-to-thread beads, to make stretch bracelets and necklaces. At the party the children will get to choose their favourite beads from our mesmerising bead trays and design their own unique pieces of jewellery. We will bring along our large selection of  bright & colourful lucite, resin and wooden beads, cute enamelled charms & sparkly stardust beads and encourage the girls to create simple beading patterns to use in their designs. 

Normally, for safety reason, in the bead trays destined to be used by very young children we don't include glass beads as these can make the finished jewellery relatively heavy & unconfortable to wear and, above all, can chip and become sharp if accidentally dropped on a hard surface.
However, we alway carry with us one or two optional bead trays with more "grown-up" beads, that - subject to the birthday girl's Mum's consent - we can make available, if desired or should there be older siblings among the guests, for example. 
And of course, boys are very welcome to join the fun too! Just let us know if brothers, cousins or friends are invited and we will bring along a selection of more "boyish" beads and charms for them to choose from!

Suitable Ages: 5-7 year old

There are two projects available within this party package:


- Bracelet & Bag Charm Set  


- Stretch Necklace 

Cost: £120 for up to 10 children (each additional child £10.00)

project1 make a bracelet and bag charm set or a colourful stretch necklace - ideal for kids aged 5 to 7 years old

After making their jewellery the children will decorate  jewellery boxes to keep their creations in. The jewellery-making session will last approximately 60 min, depending on the number of children.

PROJECT 2Necklace & bracelet set.

Cost: £140 for up to 8 children (Additional guests £12.00 each)

project2 make a colourful stretch necklace and bracelet set at out little jewels party

The children will make an elasticated necklace and a bracelet and finally decorate jewellery boxes to keep their creations in. The jewellery-making session will last approximately 90 min, depending on the number of children.


IMAGES OF THE JEWELLERY AND accessories kids aged 5-7 years can make at our beading parties

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