the materials we use
The beads: 

Much thought has gone into sourcing the materials to use in the various jewellery making projects for the children parties. Quality and safety is always our top priority. 

In projects aimed at older children and adults we use a variety of high quality glass beads - including venetian millefiori beads,  Czech Crystalssemiprecious stonesimitation pearls and pretty tibetan silver beads and charms. 

In the bead trays destined to be used by very young children,however, for safety reasons, we don't normallly include glass beads as these can make the finished jewellery relatively heavy & unconfortable to wear and, above all, can chip and become sharp, if accidentally dropped onto a hard surface.

                      polymer clay beads for dangles     

So, with our youngest "designers" in mind, we have sourced out a wonderful range of gorgeus resinlucite beads, which are just candy to the eye and perfect for the job!! Lucite, also know as “acrylic glass”, is a resin invented by Dupont in the nineteen thirties. It has been used in the designs of a variety of household objects, from chairs, to handbags, shoes and jewellery. Lucite was particularly popular in the thirties and fourties but it is still produced and widely used today.
The material is non-toxic and, unlike cheaper plastic beads, there have no sharp edges nor seams. They are colourful and very very pretty….no wonder children (and their mum's) love them so much!
 selection of crystal beads, glass pearls and lucite beads  enamelled charms

Having said that, when running a Little Jewels Party, we alway carry with us one or two optional bead trays with more "grown-up" beads, that - subject to the birthday girl's Mum's consent - we can make available, if desired or should there be older siblings among the guests, for example.


Nickel, lead and cadmium content:
All the plated metal items we use (charms, findings, chains, ect..) are guaranteed by our suppliers to meet the European Directives restricting the use of nickel, lead and cadmium in jewellery. In addition, wherever possible, we prefer to stock metal component which are certified 100% nickel, lead and cadmium FREE.